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Birds belong to a group of endothermic vertebrates. They are characterized by feathers, toothless beak, and laying hard shelled eggs. Illinois is home to a grand number of bird species. The three that cause the most issues with homeowners and businesses are pigeons, starlings and sparrows.


Pigeons are enjoyed by many and certainly have their place, but there are times when they become a nuisance around public areas and homes. Most issues arise in parking lots where cars are littered with droppings. Other reported problems are on balconies, roof tops, walkways, building ledges, etc. It may seem like there are no solutions to keep these pigeons away, but in fact many solutons are available including nets, bird spikes, trapping, and other deterrents.


Starlings are identified by their black feathers speckled with light grey dots and streaks, and their unmistakable yellow beak. Very common and abundant in the northern suburbs of Chicago, we find starlings living in other bird nests, woodpecker holes, soffits, attics, garages, dryer vents, etc. 


House Sparrows are small light brownish grey in color and only a few ounces in weight. Their adaptability allows them to flourish with other birds of similar demographics. Sparrows enjoy the crevices on homes to build their nests and raise their young. Popular nesting sites include trees, bushes, shrubs, dryer vents, under roof vents, soffits, and other sheltered areas. With all bird related issues it's important to inspect your home for these crevices and nesting sites before they occur. It's often as simple as installing a screen over a vent or using some sheet metal to tighten a soffit. If you have a bird issue or want to prevent birds from living within your home, give us a call to find out more. 


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