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Description of House Mice- Mice are abundant in the suburbs of Chicago. Their small physique and curious nature leads them to areas of personal property that often create problems for homeowners. Mice are in search of food, shelter, and mates. Mice extract moisture from the foods consumed, therefore they do not require a steady supply of water.


Habitat- Habitats vary between all kinds of ground cover, woodlands, prairies, marshes, wood piles, attics, basements, interior walls and more. If mice can establish a nesting ground, relatively safe conditions, mates, and a food supply, they are on their way to prosperity. 


Reproduction- Female mice can give birth to 4-7 mice 3-6 times a year if conditions are desirable. Due to a 6-12 month life expectancy it's no wonder their reproductive rates are so high.


Signs of Mice- You can keep an eye out for mice within your home by noticing droppings, large cracks or crevices on the exterior, chew marks on food related products, dead animal smells coming from certain areas of your home, holes and tunnels in insulation, scratching, scampering in walls/attics. Any one of these signs can indicate a potential mouse infestation. 


Solutions- Our professional inspections are sure to locate all entry points and areas of concern. We offer many solutions for mouse issues, and will offer the most cost effective and efficient treatments available to ensure a mouse free home. 

DIY Solutions- If you so choose to address these issues alone the best place to start is from the exterior. Slowly inspect the entire perimeter of your home-starting from ground level all the way to the peak of your roof in search of any gap, hole, crack, etc that you could potentially fit a pencil in. Once found seal up with a caulk that fits your homes needs (paintable, exterior, and match to color). To address interior you would need to set traps (live traps or kill traps) inside in order to remove the mice that are currently inhabiting your home. Search attic and unfinished areas of your basement for signs of mice and place traps accordingly. Some of the best mouse attractants for traps include peanut butter and nutella. Always keep an eye out for mouse droppings as they are often the only sign you have a mouse issue. 

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