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Description- Opossums are the only marsupial in North America. They have been roaming this earth since the dinosaurs, and the explanation to such a long living species is tied to their adaptability, diet, reproduction and resistance to many diseases. Opossums establish territories where food and water are abundant, and dangers are low. Being omnivors they have a wide range of foods to meet their needs. They will eat mice, insects, amphibians, reptiles, worms, grubs, cat food, dog food, human, vegetables and fruits. 


Reproduction- These marsupials can have up to two litters per year. Their gestation period is only 13 days. Average litter size is between 5-8 and these young will mature enough to venture on their own within 3-4 months. 













Habitat- Opossums are highly adaptable and thrive in cities, towns, suburbs, etc. The available dens throughout suburban neighborhoods are high. This is due to the high skunk population, lack of predators, and abundant sources of food. Skunks are the initial diggers at stoops, patios and sheds. After the work is done by the skunk, opossums will gladly take over the den by fighting the skunk or warn the skunk off with their threatening teeth. These bold attemts often pay off and the skunk just goes to search out another den. Populations in the Chicagoland area have remained normal to high. Problems associated with the opossum are relatively low, but homeowners still have issues with them. 


Solutions- After we consult with our clients and thoroughly inspect the property we are able to conclude the best option to remove your problem animal. We offer many solutions to resolve your opsossum needs, and will consult with you to find the best option. 
































































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