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Raccoon description- Raccoons are native to North America and have adapted to a wide array of habitats. The famous mask over their eyes and clever behaviors have earned them the nickname "bandits". Raccoon adults average 12-30 pounds with some tipping the scale in the 40's. Females are typically smaller than males when diet and habitat are similar. Their climbing abilities are incredible with claws and strength that allow them to climb downspouts,trees, brick, corners on buildings, etc. What's remarkable is their ability to climb down these elevated structures head first. This is made possible by their hind feet rotating 180 degrees. What may be most interesting is their extremely dexterous and coordinated hands that are used to get what they want. Whether that's sneaking a tasty meal out of your garbage can, or ripping into your attic for a shelter. On average people fear raccoons most because of their destructive abilities and health concerns. 


Reproduction- Raccoons begin searching for mates in February and end in June. However, most mating takes place in February and March. The gestation period is 63-65 days. Females will raise one litter ranging from 2-7, but averaging 4 young each year. Females can only provide for one litter per year due to her young needing an average of 10 months to achieve independence. 


Habitats- Most of us have heard of the extensive damage raccoons can cause when inhabiting homes and other valuable property. Due to a raccoons adaptability it's no wonder they thrive in cities, suburbs, and other diverse ecosystems. They have easily made homes out of sheds, decks, porches, attics, culverts, stoops, and much more. 


Solutions- Most homeowners know when raccoon(s) move into their attic. The signs include heavy walking, loud scratching, loud vocal noise, and some reports include musky urine smells. It's advised to hire a professional as soon as possible to reduce potential damages that a raccoon or family of raccoons can cause to your property. We adjust our eviction techniques to fit your situation. Once removed we offer top quality repair work and preventative services to keep other animals from entering.

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