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Ground Hogs

Groundhogs can be found throughout North America. The residents of Northern Illinois best describe these animals as amazing diggers and quick on their feet. Those who have experienced them first hand understand their persistence and often destructive nature when they invade personal property. Every year groundhogs and other animals alike expand and reestablish their territories to access an increased quality of living. These qualities are often geared toward a reduction in predators and greater access to nutritional needs. This results in many property owners experiencing animal related issues. Most issues arise under front stoops, back patios, sheds, and other structures that offer shelter for these ground dwelling animals.

Solutions - Often home related deterrent methods can be applied to convince them to leave such as removing their food sources, placing a light near their entry point, play a radio near entry point, and sometimes over the counter odors can work too. Unfortunately, not every situation is the same and often requires multiple techniques and a professional approach to fully remove and also prevent them from returning. Often the quickest way is to trap the animal(s) and then aesthetically exclude or close their entry point(s). The exclusion will keep new animals from re-inhabiting those same structures and give you great piece of mind.

Groundhog removed from under a home's concrete patio

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